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Workers' Compensation Personal Injury Lawyer in Canaan CT Lawyer in Connecticut

If you experience a workplace injury, we strongly suggest you find legal representation immediately. Attorney Paul James Garlasco is an experienced Canaan, CT personal injury and workers' compensation lawyer who can help. Attorney Garlasco and his staff work hard to represent you against the workers' compensation insurance industry, which is very interested in not paying you and delaying your case.

Seek Legal Representation Immediately if you have been Injured at Work in Canaan, CT

If you have been injured at work, we suggest that you find an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as you can. The workers’ compensation system is designed to provide benefits for lost wages and coverage for medical costs and other benefits if you have been injured in the workplace. Workers’ compensation serves three main functions:

  1. Make sure employees can secure benefits after workplace injuries
  2. Prevent lawsuits against your employer if you have been injured
  3. To get you back to work ASAP

The workers’ compensation system exists to help injured workers, but many injured employees think that a workers’ compensation attorney isn’t necessary. It’s only natural to wonder why you should hire a Connecticut workers’ compensation attorney in the Canaan area when the entire idea of workers’ compensation is to help you in the event of an accident, injury or work-related condition.

However, the truth is that the employer or their insurance company funds the workers' compensation program. Insurance companies and employers don't necessarily want to pay out the full compensation possible for each case. Paying out the total amount shrinks profits and leaves unhappy shareholders.

Even more so, some situations occur where there is a lack of clarity on what exactly caused the workplace injury. There can also be accusations that your injury didn't happen in the workplace, or, even worse, your employer may blame you for a pre-existing condition rather than something that just took place. When these situations happen, you want an experienced workers' compensation attorney to help protect you and your best interests.

Further, you should know that employers are not negatively affected by an employee's claim for workers' compensation. Most organizations want their employees to recover quickly to return to work. However, seeking benefits after sustaining an injury at work often becomes a fight with the insurance industry. Attorney Paul James Garlasco will ensure that all of the proper filings are made, you receive the best medical care (at no cost to you), and that you receive your replacement wage benefits – as soon as possible! We have the experience you are seeking in workers' compensation and can determine if you can seek a monetary award for a permanent disability.

In a workers' compensation case, the insurance industry is your adversary; an insurance company will work hard to limit its financial responsibility to you. Attorney Paul James Garlasco and his staff are here to protect you from your adversaries and help you get all the medical care you need from the best doctors.

10 Most Common Causes of Canaan, CT Workplace Injuries

  1. Overexertion;
  2. Same-level falls due to loose wires, wet floors, or other obstructions;
  3. Falls to a lower level such as from a ladder or a roof;
  4. Struck by equipment or object;
  5. Bodily reactions or other exertions;
  6. Roadway incidents;
  7. Slip or trip without falling;
  8. Stuck in or compressed by equipment or objects;
  9. Struck against object or equipment; and
  10. Repetitive motions involving microtasks (such as those that could lead to tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome)

What Expenses Can You get Covered for an Injured at Work Case in Canaan?

Workers' compensation insurance protects you if an on-the-job injury occurs. The state of Connecticut sets the maximum amount employees can collect if they are subject to lost wages, medical and rehabilitation expenses, or death. Your employer's workers' compensation insurance policy pays the claim instead of you. The value of your workers' compensation claim depends on the severity of your injuries, the amount of time you lose on the job, and the value of your regular wages.

Like we’ve said, you want a workers’ compensation attorney that will represent your best interests and get you the greatest possible reward for your workplace injury. The more severe your injuries are, the more your claim should be worth.

Typical damages in a Canaan CT workers’ compensation claim include the following:

  • Wage replacement if you have to miss work due to a work-related injury or illness.
  • Expenses related to illnesses caused by exposure to allergens or chemicals while you are at work.
  • Funeral costs if you lose your life in a work-related accident or illness.
  • Ongoing care costs, such as for physical therapy.
  • Disability benefits if a work-related injury or illness leaves you temporarily or permanently disabled. In Connecticut, you can receive temporary disability benefits for up to 52 weeks.
  • Accident or injury sustained while you are working.
  • Repetitive stress injuries that develop over time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Mileage reimbursement if you use your own vehicle to get to and from medical appointments.
  • Prescription coverage, COLA benefits, section 308a benefits, etc.

What to Look for in a Canaan CT Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Finding a workers’ compensation lawyer that you can trust isn’t always easy. Not all attorneys are the same, and finding an excellent attorney to work with is more important than you might think. If you've recently been injured on the job, don’t just hire the first attorney that you come across when searching on the internet. The top-listed attorney isn’t necessarily the best – it just means they have paid more to be listed first in your search results.

You'll want an attorney who can represent your best interests if you have been injured on the job, so you can focus on getting better and healing. A good workers’ compensation lawyer makes sure all the proper paperwork is filed, provides general legal advice, determines an accurate settlement estimate, collects evidence to strengthen your case, negotiates with insurance adjusters, and represents you in court if the need arises.

To make sure you find a trustworthy and experienced lawyer to handle your case if you have been injured on the job, look for the following things:

  1. Clear and responsive communication

    Nothing can be more frustrating if you have been injured on the job than hiring a lawyer and waiting days between communications. Not only that, but if the lawyer speaks in legal jargon, it can get complicated knowing what is going on. You should expect communication using language that you can understand. And, your attorney should be in regular contact with you so that you always know the status of your case.

  2. Engaging interest

    A good workers’ compensation lawyer will be genuinely interested in your case. Make sure that the attorney you seek will not only put in the required amount of effort but will care about you as a person, and not just billable hours.

  3. References

    Yes, even attorneys should be expected to provide references. When interviewing potential attorneys, be sure to ask for references of recent clients that were injured on the job, especially if they had a workplace incident similar to yours. If the attorney can’t provide any, it’s time to move on and look for another. Even one or two references will suffice. Be sure to take the time to place a quick phone call to each reference, and make sure you feel good about what they have to say.

  4. Organization

    If you walk into an attorney’s office and find it in a state of disarray, it’ll have you wondering if they’ll be able to find important documents and evidence when it is time to speak to your case. So, if you see an office mess, turn around and seek another attorney. Your attorney’s office should be clean and organized. And make sure that any electronic records that your attorney maintains are properly secured.

  5. Experience

    Ask any workers’ compensation attorney you meet with about their experience working with victims that have been injured on the job. For example, Attorney Paul James Garlasco has over 38 years of experience helping others who have suffered workplace injuries and has a proven track record of getting victims the legal reward they deserve. You will also want to ensure they have experience arguing cases in court and have a winning track record.

Contact the Law Office of Attorney Paul James Garlasco Today if You Have Been Injured at Work

Suppose you are unable to return to your old job. The law office of Paul James Garlasco, a Connecticut firm concentrating in personal injury and workers' compensation cases, will work hard to keep your checks coming and ensure that you get all of your prescriptions covered. In that case, our office will help you obtain free training for a new career to begin working again as soon as possible and with a substantial sum of money as an award for any permanent disability.

If you have been injured at work, contact the law office of Attorney Paul James Garlasco today for a free initial consultation with no obligation. With over 38 years of experience serving Canaan, Connecticut; personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyer Paul James Garlasco is ready, willing, and able to help. Call 860-350-4409, text 203-788-7991 or contact us through our contact form by clicking here.

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If you're injured, we will come to you! We make house calls!

We offer a no fee guarantee* and a free initial consultation with no obligation. We fight for you.