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lf you have a vehicle that persists in failing to be repaired you may be able to force the manufacturer to buy the vehicle back from you including all costs, like registration, taxes and charges for repair attempts.

The legislature passed the Lemon Law in most states, trying to make it easy for people to be able to put in a claim themselves. However, the process is tricky, and the manufacturer is not necessarily your friend.

The process is tricky and, if you mess up, you may lose.

A few things to watch out for include:

1) The thick booklet you get when you buy a car has your warrantee printed in it. This may require that you follow the manufacturer's requirements or else! Such as giving correct notice to the manufacturer and using a specific mediator (not the states Lemon Law court) like the Better Business Bureau.

Once you have commenced your case, you have to closely monitor the actions of the manufacturer representative as they may by tricky and even downright dishonest. ln a recent case, the representative falsely reported the case settled when no such thing was even knowns or agreed to.

2) When you bring your car into the dealer, NEVER sign anything without thoroughly reading everything, as they may print out a work order that says "problem solved" when it is NOT!

3) It is advisable to get an experienced Attorney, like me! to handle your case, and in many cases, Attorney's fees may be ordered to be paid by the manufacturer.

4) Keep going back to the dealer untilthey fix the problem, or you have achieved the required number of failed attempts (usually four).

5) The defect must impair the safe usage of the vehicle or reduce its value to be successful.

6) Be cautious of the manufacturer representatives' pathetic offers to settle, you can make them give you a new vehicle or pay you back everything, but for the miles you drove before reporting the problems, plus Attorney's fees; and

7) Do not rely on the mediator, they are not there to guide you along and for sure NEVER trust the manufacturer representative.

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